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The lacquer we use for painting your cabinets is much more durable than store-bought paints.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

For painting your kitchen cabinets in Montreal, Laval, and the South Shore, contact the SLP CUISINE EXPERT team. We hold a specialized interior finishing contractor license from the RBQ and are members of the APCHQ. Our painters have years of experience in painting (resurfacing) kitchen cabinets, and our painting work is guaranteed for 5 years.


Durable Resurfacing with Lacquer

To paint kitchen cabinets, our professionals use a special lacquer that is much more durable than traditional paints from well-known brands. Moreover, the result is much more beautiful, especially when the lacquer is sprayed with a paint gun. This single-component water-based coating for kitchen cabinets is extremely resistant and environmentally friendly since it contains few volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Before painting your kitchen cabinets and drawers, we remove them to bring them to our painting workshop. We can then prepare the surfaces by sanding or lightly sanding them before applying a suitable primer. We spray the lacquer in the color of your choice (two coats with adequate drying time between coats), and then we apply a finishing coat with the gloss level of your choice. The process takes about 5 days in total.

If you wish, after painting your kitchen cabinets, we can add new decorative hardware.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Montreal
Lacquer Paint or/and Wrap?

Instead of painting your kitchen cabinets (or for resurfacing some cabinets differently), an interesting alternative is offered: "wrap" kitchen cabinets. The process involves applying a film of architectural vinyl that gives the appearance of wood, marble, or various other patterns and textures. The finishes offered are either glossy, satin, or matte. With "wrap" kitchen cabinets, there is no need to sand your cabinets or apply a primer, as the adhesive film does all the work to hide imperfections!

The vinyl for kitchen cabinets is resistant to water and moisture, fading, scratches, peeling, and heat. Inquire with our team or visit our showroom to admire our different styles and colors of cabinets covered with a wrap!

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Laval
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To have your kitchen cabinets painted by an experienced team, call SLP CUISINE EXPERT at (514) 665-8255 or email us at We serve the Montreal, Laval, and South Shore areas.

Come visit our showroom or schedule an appointment with our decorator (free service) to plan your kitchen transformation! This service is offered to you free of charge by SLP CUISINE EXPERT!

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