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Kitchen Resurfacing

For kitchen resurfacing services in Montreal, Laval, or the South Shore, choose SLP CUISINE EXPERT. The company's owner holds a specialized interior finishing contractor license from the Régie du bâtiment (license number 5827-9654-01) and is a member of the APCHQ.

Our team has years of experience in resurfacing kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, and kitchen walls with lacquer or architectural vinyl (wrap).

What is kitchen resurfacing?

Kitchen resurfacing involves sanding and priming your cabinets in the workshop, followed by applying a specially designed lacquer to transform their appearance and protect them. This high-quality, water-based lacquer is available in several colors and must be sprayed with a paint gun to achieve an excellent result. This coating is extremely durable and resistant, in addition to being environmentally friendly because it contains very few volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The result is absolutely fabulous and gives the cabinets a completely new look! Three types of finishes are offered. If necessary, we can replace decorative hardware. Cabinet resurfacing with lacquer takes about five days to complete in the workshop.

Kitchen Resurfacing Montreal
Resurfacing with architectural vinyl

It is also possible to resurface your cabinets with self-adhesive architectural vinyl that gives the appearance of wood or another material or design/texture. This process is called wrap, and it is possible to wrap certain cabinets (e.g., the lower ones) while the upper ones are covered with lacquer. Decorative walls can also be created by covering them with vinyl in the design of your choice.

Kitchen Resurfacing Laval
Countertops, floors, and backsplashes

Our team also resurfaces kitchen countertops by applying a layer of microconcrete, as well as creating backsplashes on the wall between the cabinets and countertops (ceramic tiles). We also install ceramic floors in residential or commercial kitchens. All our work is guaranteed for 5 years.

Kitchen Resurfacing South Shore
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For more information about our kitchen resurfacing services in Montreal, Laval, or the South Shore, work with the SLP CUISINE EXPERT team.

We will explain our processes and provide you with a free quote within the next 24 hours. Call us at (514) 665-8255 or email us at

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